School History

Owner, Robyn Eriwata-Buchanan and her husband Robert Buchanan became interested in Montessori education when they were looking for a school for their first son Jordyn. They established their first Montessori school in 1985 and now have over twenty-five years experience of providing excellent Montessori education in Salt Lake City.

The Third Avenue Montessori opened in September 1985 with one classroom. The school offered a half day only program with morning and afternoon sessions. In 1987, we continued operating the Third Avenue school and built a new school on Second Avenue with three classrooms. This enabled us to offer our first full day classes.

In 1989, we opened our Cottonwood Canyon facility, where we offered both part and full-time placements in three classrooms. In 1994, added our fourth campus and began our first Elementary classes at the Tenth East Montessori School. A few years later, we added Early Childhood classes to this location as well. In 2005, we began a Dual Language (Spanish/English) program in one of our Early Childhood classes.

For several years, we searched for an appropriate facility where we could combine all four of our campuses under one roof, allowing us to truly form a Montessori "Community School". In September 2005, we found just the place. We renovated and opened our new facility at 2416 East 1700 South in Salt Lake City under the name of Montessori Community School in August 2006.

We now have three toddler classrooms, four early childhood classrooms, one Lower Elementary classroom, and one Upper Elementary classroom and one Middle School classroom. We have over 200 students currently enrolled at our school - representing different ethnicities, races, religions and varied family compositions. For several of our students English is not their first language. They speak Arabic, Spanish, Estonian, Russian, French, German, Japanese and Chinese! Our school welcomes and honors the diversity that exists within our community.

Our excellent teachers are creative, enthusiastic and devoted to the Montessori philosophy. All of our classroom teachers are either Montessori trained and certified or are in the process of completing their certification. They are dedicated professionals and many have been on the faculty between eight and twenty years.