Elementary School - Grades 1 - 6

elem1For the elementary aged student, the goal of Montessori Community School is to nurture the growth of the whole child, giving equal consideration to the intellectual, the physical, and the social /emotional development of 1st through 6th graders.

elem2We emphasize solid academic achievement, promote active participation of students in their education, and foster a love of learning. The Montessori curriculum and teaching style is developmentally appropriate for the elementary student. We use hands-on materials and an experiential approach to lead the students to abstraction.

Physically, the students are free to move aroundelem3 the classroom as their work and activities demand. Physical education is approached in an informal manner through games, yoga classes and dance instruction. Many of the elementary fieldtrips involve kinesthetic awareness. Sledding, skating, hiking, swimming, kickball, and tree climbing, etc, are some of the activities we enjoy.

3The elementary curriculum allows the development of the child’s natural tendencies. We know that independence in action leads to independence in thought so we carefully prepare the classroom environment and the various activities in which the children are engaged.

Classroom meetings and discussions promote cooperation and effective5 communication skills. Respect for each other, the classroom, and our school helps the students to naturally realize their role in the larger global community. Service learning and social projects allow the students to become productive, creative and innovative contributors to society.

7Montessori education encourages students to be tolerant of each other, to work well together and to communicate clearly by expressing their differences in a peaceful way. They learn to solve problems independently through active communication. In this way the whole child is nurtured.