Director's Letter - Spring '07-'08

Dear Friends,

One of our key initiatives this year has been Parent Education. We truly believe that the more you understand the Montessori Method, the more you will be able to support your child’s academic and social development. We have worked closely with the Parent School Alliance (PSA) to provide you with a variety of opportunities to become familiar with what your child is learning. These have included PSA education nights, Montessori books and articles, class­room observation and the recent “Take your Parent to School Day”.

“Take Your Parent to School Day” gives Early Childhood parents the opportunity to spend time in the classroom observing their child working with Montessori materials. This is an excellent means of developing an understanding of how the materials function and how your child is progressing within the developmental path of each curriculum area: Language Arts, Mathematics, Cultural and Science, Sensorial and Practical Life. Invariably those parents who have participated in this program have been amazed at the diversity of activities that their child is involved in and have developed a much deeper appreciation for the Montessori method.

Our Lower Elementary parents will be given a similar opportunity in April. Both our Lower and Upper Elementary classes have been showcasing many of their classroom projects in the upstairs lobby and in the lower level hallway. Our Upper Elementary students have also de­veloped portfolios that their parents can review. We encourage you to take the opportunity to participate in your child’s learning.

It is very common for children to say very little about what they are learning in a Montes­sori classroom environment, especially if they do not feel that their parents will understand what they are talking about. Sitting down with your child in the classroom and asking her to show you one of the materials that she has been working on is a great way to open that dialog. Unlike traditional school environments, what you receive in your child’s take-home file is miniscule compared to what your child does in the classroom on a daily basis. Since most of the learning is hands-on, the best way to stay in touch with what your child is learning is to talk with her teachers and visit the classroom. We invite you to be as involved as you can in your child’s experience at our school. The more that you participate, the more you will understand the incredible experience your child has each day.

- Robyn & Ramira