Director's Letter - Fall '08-'09

Dear Friends,

In a time of so much global economic, political and social turbulence, how do we make sure that our children are prepared for the world that they will face beyond the walls of the classroom?  At Montessori Community School, we provide them with a love of learning that will someday inspire them to build a career that they are truly passionate about with a sense of confidence that they can do anything they set out to do.  We offer them values such as a deep respect and tolerance for the needs and capabilities of others, an appreciation of diversity in all forms, and how to speak, act and live with integrity.  This generates a lifelong appreciation of and a desire to become involved in environmental stewardship and social justice.

Our mission to prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the “real world” is what motivated our decision to create a middle school program.  Back in 1949, Maria Montessori said, “Schools, as they are today, are adapted neither to the needs of adolescence nor to the times in which we live.”  Does this sound familiar?  Her words certainly ring as true today as they did back in the 1940s.  She understood that adolescents need a curriculum that demonstrates the interdisciplinary nature of the world and prepares them to understand and solve challenges today and tomorrow.  Our middle school program provides the opportunity for adolescents to be self-confident, to belong to a community, to learn to be adaptable, to practice goal-setting and time management, to be academically competent and challenged, to be empowered, and to create a vision for their personal future.   

We believe that having a middle school program brings Montessori learning full circle.  Montessori toddlers learn how to live and learn within a peaceful, harmonious community.  Early Childhood students find that learning academic and social skills in school can be as joyful and natural a process as learning to walk or talk.  Elementary students develop the intrinsic motivation to seek academic challenges for the enjoyment and satisfaction of attaining skills.  They also learn to be unafraid of failure and self reflective, creative, confident, successful individuals who will share their knowledge and ideas, taking great satisfaction in self-expression.  Middle School students learn that they have the ability to apply all of these values, skills and ideas in the real world.   

So the next time you are asked, “Is Montessori preparing your child for the real world?”, you can answer…“More than you know.”

Happy Holidays,  

Robyn and Ramira 

*For those of you who participated in our holiday giving projects, on behalf of the families that you have assisted, we thank you for your generosity!